I would like to express my immense gratitude to everyone who supported my candidacy and 

worked so hard these past months.

To everyone who voted for me: 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in real progressive change!

This is the end of a cycle, but just the beginning of our movement. The current election cycle has shown us that establishment politics are staunch and seemingly impenetrable. But they are not unshakable, and our efforts have opened the door into their halls of power to reveal what guards their positions. That perspective is invaluable, and now we know more fully how they operate.

The first step to giving back power to our community is revealing such grips on power, and in doing so, we have opened the eyes of thousands to the inner workings of those who represent us. 

Now we know our work, and now we have time to build upon the foundations we have established. I hope that you will join me in building this movement, and gathering further support amongst our community to create real

Progress for All.

Thank you again, and please check in for updates and new content about the issues currently facing our community in City Council District 33. 


About Ms. Cambranes


Victoria Cambranes is a first generation American who was born and raised in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Like many longtime residents, she has witnessed the incredible changes in the last decades that have led to several infrastructure and social issues in our communities. She wants to ensure that communities and groups that have lived in Brooklyn for generations, as well as those who are looking to move into the district, have a place there now and in the future. 


Two initiatives that Ms. Cambranes plans to spearhead are issues that affect District 33 as a whole, affordable housing and infrastructure. Gentrification has beautified and helped Brooklyn grow in many ways, but it’s effects and the influx of new residents have also put a strain on transportation links, traffic and cycling routes, and community policing. 

The unfortunate side effects are the recent deaths of cyclists on our streets, the unprecedented displacement of those who have called Brooklyn home for generations, and the frustrations of residents in communicating their concerns. 


Ms. Cambranes plans to represent the voices of all residents through the Progress For All Party, and if elected she will fight for the concerns of the historical residents of Brooklyn as well as the new residents who are shaping the borough. Whether those concerns are shaped by transport, safety, housing, policing or health, Ms. Cambranes will ensure that government responsibility and communication are central to her agenda.

She believes that District 33 will set an example for all of New York City about how these interests can be promoted in fair and balanced negotiations.     

It's Time for Change!

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