Infrastructure & Transportation

With tens of thousands of new apartments and residents in our district, the city has not improved and expanded transport links, availability and proper measures to counter planned buildings works like the L train closure.   

The effect is an inadequate transport system, leading more residents to rely on cycling and driving on roads that are not built to accommodate them. Recent cycling deaths like those of Neftaly Ramirez and Alejandro Tello are a testament to the crisis on our hands, with many more pedestrians and cyclists getting hurt at dangerous intersections built for speeding trucks rather than residents.   

Affordable Housing & Overdevelopment

Developers are turning our public spaces and waterfront views into private luxury apartments for the 1%, driving up the cost of living for everyone. 

In addition, overdevelopment is causing deep tensions between generational New Yorkers, who find they no longer have a place here, and newer residents who can barely afford to move into our vibrant open community. 

I will ensure that all new developments increase the percentage of affordable housing units, and lower the income threshold to deal with this crisis. I will also negotiate terms to ensure new developments give back to the community, by contributing to infrastructure improvements, public schools, and access to our beloved waterfront.   

Community Policing & Enforcement

The NYPD has a hierarchical structure that does not always benefit the police officers who serve on our streets, nor the community at large. Those who lead the NYPD on the highest levels often fail to connect and communicate with the communities they serve, leading to misrepresentations of what police do, and how they enforce laws.    

In addition to this, I believe lack of proper regular training and psychological support leads to tired police officers who make mistakes and are less patient for crimes like sexual assault, traffic violations and robberies. I plan to advocate for and facilitate that communication to create better community policing and enforcement.    

Women’s Health & Safety

Although crimes against women have decreased in the borough over the last decade, when sexual assaults and harassment are not treated with the highest importance, that allows perpetrators to feel emboldened and endangers half our community. 

Women should feel safe both on our streets and within their workplaces, and I plan to ensure their safety and wellbeing by promoting their interests in the City Council.  


Charter and public school funding are at odds, creating an environment where those students who are struggling have little chance to catch up. No child left behind policies are a band aid whereas more creative solutions to ensuring all NYC kids have a decent education are falling to the wayside. 

All children have an innate desire to learn, and it is our job  to ensure they have a well-rounded education regardless of background, test scores and academic strengths. 


There are currently 63,000 shelter occupants in NYC, and no way to measure rough sleepers beyond that figure. Of those occupants, many suffer from lack of mental health care, and contribute to crime rates, making shelters undesirable in our communities. 

Homelessness is tied closely to our affordable housing crisis, and I plan to promote robust mental health facilities and resources for occupants so that they can move away from reliance on a system that is currently underserved and dangerous for those most vulnerable.   

Statement on the nys constitutional convention

Why I am Voting NO on the NYS Con Con

Good evening,  


I would like to thank everyone for patiently awaiting my explanation for my response on the Constitutional Convention.    

During the debate, I stated my reasons for being in favor of the Constitutional Convention. They included the desire for progressive reform to our state constitution, and allowing for greater transparency in how our laws are formed.   

Despite my previous research and conversations with voters, I have realized that while on the surface the Con Con sounds like an opportunity for great reform, the underlying motivations behind it can be misleading.    

I was not fully aware of the main proponents of the Con Con, which include the Mercer family, and Koch brothers, who have less than philanthropic reasons for supporting such an endeavor. Altogether, the decision can be disastrous for union workers, and pension holders, a prospect that would hit close to home for my family and millions of others.   

There are many reasons for wanting reform in government, but the potential for disastrous results, which will affect millions of New Yorkers, outweigh any benefits the Con Con may have.   

Every voter has the right to decide on November 7th, whether they want NY to hold the Constitutional Convention or not.   

However, I would urge all of you to consider the effects it would have on city workers, education, healthcare and pensions at a time when public services and workers’ rights are being eroded at an unprecedented rate.   

Please vote NO on the Constitutional Convention this Tuesday!    

Debate Between Victoria Cambranes and Stephen Levin

On Sunday October 29th, 2017, WBAI hosted a debate between Victoria Cambranes and incumbent Stephen Levin. 

Issues over development deals, public-private partnerships, education, pollution and the sale of public assets like the Brooklyn Heights library were discussed.